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Md Sohail Library Weblogs weblog
Md Sohail Library Weblogs
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Weblogs, or blogs, emerged in the late 1990s on the web, quickly becoming a new way to communicate ideas, opinions, resources and news. Since that time, the community of blogs has grown to encompass specific subject areas of study and research. This book briefly discusses the history and background of weblogs, how to create a weblog, its advantages and applications in library and information centers. Why and how to use weblogs in providing the library's services and the method of evaluation of weblog. The Key feature of this book investigate and evaluate library weblog available on internet. .To examine the availability of library weblogs on the web. To find out authority and subject coverage of library weblogs and to determine their relevancy. .To understand the way of presentation of contents on the weblogs and its user friendliness. .To trace out the authenticity and scope of library weblogs available on the web. .To know updating frequency and arrangement of library weblog....
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Thiti Vacharasintopchai Semantic Computing : A Structural Engineering Perspective weblog
Thiti Vacharasintopchai Semantic Computing : A Structural Engineering Perspective
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Practicing engineers are often faced with limitations in available computing tools as well as insufficient access to relevant knowledge for design projects and engineering jobs. At the launch of a project the immediate tasks invariably involve research, discussions with colleagues and a series of computations. These tasks are repeated until a final design is arrived at. The degree to which these tasks are well facilitated in an engineering firm helps determine the productivity of its engineers and thus the firm’s competitiveness in the industry. Semantic computing technologies such as Semantic Web Services, Weblog, and Digital Library have substantial, untapped potential to improve the productivity of engineers. This book proposes a support system for structural engineering using these semantic computing technologies. A system architecture and the key software components for it are specified and prototype systems presented. The support system involves complementary frameworks of...
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Kyle A. Reimer Using Student Written Weblogs in ESL Classes to Improve Composition weblog
Kyle A. Reimer Using Student Written Weblogs in ESL Classes to Improve Composition
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With an increasing amount of technology being incorporated into teachers’ lessons, there is need for research to be done so teachers can include technology in a way that most benefits students. Previous research has found that, in the university setting, implementing student written weblogs into ESL writing instruction and practice has shown improvement in the quality of student composition. The present study took place over six weeks, and included five intermediate level English language learners in a middle school setting. After receiving lecture-based instruction from the classroom teacher, each participant completed a writing assignment. The experimental group completed five assignments using a weblog created on EDUblogs.org for this study while the control group completed five writing assignments using a word processor or pen and paper. Each assignment was scored using an ESL composition profile by the classroom teacher. The results showed that the participants in the...
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